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Chris Kaskie is the President of Pitchfork, the raddest  guide to independent music and beyond. Way, way beyond. As one of the world’s most popular, respected, and influential music publications, Chris is proof that hard work, dedication and going against the proverbial grain works.

How did you get involved with Pitchfork?
As the first full time employee for Pitchfork, I”m actually entering my 10th year here (aka getting old). Back in early to mid 2004, I emailed Ryan (our founder) about coming on to handle ad sales/business here. We started a festival a year and a half later. Now I’d like to think we’re one of the best music publications and video channels in the world, and run two of the best festivals in the world (along with participating in a few other really amazing festivals). It’s awesome. Tiring, but awesome.
What did you do before your involvement in Pfork?
I was working at the Onion here in their Chicago office. A bit of a wild west vibe.
What advice do you give someone wanting to make it in the music biz?
Man, I don’t really know. The “music business” is such an overarching term, I have no idea where to start. But, I do think that the encouraging thing is given all of the changes happening, both from label/artist side as well as all the emerging technologies helping folks engage with/discover/listen to music – there are more opportunities for innovation now than ever before. I could also be wrong. The CDs behind me are proof that more change and growth is inevitable.
A lot of people move out of Chicago to make moves. You haven’t. What do you love most about Chicago?
The winter, no joke. Not only is it the most beautiful time of year here, it makes every non-winter day completely amazing.
What set are you looking most forward to this year?
2 sets: Japandroids on Friday, and Godspeed You! Black Emporer on Saturday. Two bands that should blow some minds.
Christopher J. Kaskie