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Corri McFadden is the mega babe behind Edrop-off Express, Chicago’s premier one-stop-drop eBay store in Lincoln Park. McFadden and her super slick employees landed their very own TV series “House of Consignment,” debuting this Wednesday with back-to-back episodes on VH1. BOOM! With over 50,000 successful transactions and some of the most prevalent cliental roster, Mcfadden caters to women and their closets all over America.

It wasn’t always Louboutins and sequins though. When McFadden presented her senior thesis on modern consignment business plans, her professors laughed at her. #hatersgonnahate. Her zest and entrepreneurial drive wouldn’t let that stop her. “I started eDrop-off in 2004 and always had a larger vision,” said McFadden. “In 2009 I made a decision to re-brand eDrop-off and make my dream a reality by designing a state of the art 3,000sf space and breaking all the misconceptions around resale.” Okay, who is laughing now? Besides staying healthy, positive and drinking her favorite coffee, what bit of advice does Corri give other start-up hustlers?

It is important to do what you love and build a strong network around you- If you don’t know how to network, LEARN!!

That’s what she said!

SET YOUR DVR: Watch Chicago’s favorite consignmentprenuer get real on VH1’s “HOUSE OF CONSIGNMENT” this Wed 9PM CT.

Corri McFadden
Corri McFadden