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Considering the amount of time you spend on it already, it’s pretty natural that you have thought about getting a job at Facebook.  But, there is that one question that everyone wonders: HOW?

 (To my current employer: I’ve never looked into it. I Love you! Mean it.)

Well, lucky day! Meet Greg Hoy: he’s the mega dude over at Facebook who helps lead Design hiring for Product and he sat down with us to share some insider secrets (no, not the IPO kind) on what it’s like working at FB and what they look for in a future employee.

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Greg hands down says that the best part of working at Facebook is that he’s literally surrounded on all sides by highly intelligent, creative people. He also gets to interview and get to know some of the world’s best designers. Ever.  (oh hi, single ones!)

“When looking for Product Design talent, we look for three core elements,” explained Hoy. “Kate Aronowitz, our Director of Design, stated this best in a recent Fast Company article: a personal vision about what the world needs, a sense of ownership over their own work, and a “builder” mindset.”

Greg explained that Facebook is basically always looking for rad product and design talent and that they’ve been inspired by work at festivals, music conferences and more. (So get your stuff out there, yo!)   “We look for designers that have built their own unique products and apps, or designers who have created something in the ether we all use and really admire, which is how people like Feltron, Ji Lee and Wilson Miner came on our radar,” said Hoy

Outside of design competencies and motivations, Greg also gut checks candidates on a personal level. “I ask myself: is this someone that will work well within the team? Would we want to work along side this designer?” asked Hoy.

SO…. to the good stuff.

3 tips on getting noticed at Facebook from Design hiring wrangler Greg Hoy:

  1. Talk pretty. Have a rad portfolio that showcases your “builder” mindset (solutions, making products/UX smarter and better looking).
  1. Be a Smarty. Prove that you can explain why you made particular informed design decisions in the past.
  1. Jazz Hands. Show your entrepreneurial zest. Facebook loves independent thinkers and drivers.  Be prepared to show apps you’ve designed and built, startups you’ve worked at and so forth.

Want to talk to Greg? Okay!

He won’t look at your portfolio here but you can certainly send him funny jokes and coffee locale recommendations  here!

Greg Hoy