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Jana Kinsman is probably one of the most interesting babes, ever. She’s a designer, illustrator and … Urban beekeeper.

How’s that for a conversation starter?

Jana’s new project has the city thunderstoked and buzzing – literally!  She’s taking urban gardening to the next level by serving as Chicago’s raddest beekeeper.

Kinsman launched Bike-a-Bee, a project that connects Chicago community gardens, urban farms and various urban green houses with beehives that need a sunny place to live. Jana will ride around the city on her bike with a supply trailer to tend and manage the project’s beehives.

“I got the idea for Bike-a-Bee when I spent some time in Eugene, OR beekeeping with Blessed Bee Apiary,” said Jana  “There I learned to care for bees and process honey in the urban environment.”

Jana’s mentor was a beekeeper named Philip (who had 13 bee yards!) who taught her the importance of beekeeping for agriculture and the world’s health. After her visit, she promised Philip she would do something similar in Chicago. And, she did… cause she’s the bee’s knee’s. #bikeabeeisrad

Have a garden that needs bees? Contact Jana here.

Jana Kinsman