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Julia Stotz is a mega rad fashion photographer (she rocked Hound and Penelope’s look books) & bookmaker who is inspired by “ordinary feel-good moments.” YES, you just read BOOKMAKER  (remember those?.) Julie is the founder of TIPINFOLD BOOKS, a studio that makes custom-made books, boxes, portfolios and albums for the creative types. “Chicago has a network of some of the most creatives and business owners that I have been involved with,” says Stotz. “It is constantly inspiring!”

That’s what is just so flipping inspiring about Julia – she’s made a profitable business in an industry that generally isn’t doing well – #SmellYaLaterBorders – but she followed a niche’ that resonated with her and stuck to it.

“One of my favorite things about working in the creative field is pulling back and seeing just how amazing and talented people are,” said Julia which is why her and her photographer boyfriend Brian Guido work at STUDIO 24 a shared-space photography & creative studio for fellow creatives (of all types!) to come meet each other and work. So if you are a freelancer or a work-from-homie go check it out and get inspired!

Julia Stotz