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Jet Setter

There is something creatively wacky happening on the interwebz and it’s being curated by Lisa Currie. The “happening” is  The Scribble Project and it’s the hot potatoes.  Basically, The Scribble Project is a diary of sketches created by illustrators about their childhood, adulthood, favorite music and more from Currie’s blank template.

It’s created such a mega buzz that Currie recently landed a book deal. (Get ready coffee tables!)

“It started out as a little zine project,” said Currie. “Then everyone from professional illustrators to everyday doodlers & young kids got involved, and it just grew from there!”

Since Currie has a love for collaboration she also created the Team Train collaboration where over 120 scribblers took on her blank carriage template and filled them with all sorts of sweet, hilarious and silly drawings! In the end she strung all the carriages together to make a colouring book that turned out to be a whopping 76 pages long! #boom

“Even though everyone starts with the same template, still no two have ever finished up the same… it’s awesome!” explained Currie, in the cutest Australian accent possible.

So sharpen your pencils dudes and duddetts and get scribbling! Check out The Scribble Project’s template here and get yo doodle on.

Lisa Currie
Lisa Currie
Lisa Currie