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Yo, it’s Melody Lowe! This Texas gypsy is as American as apple pie and as hilarious as your favorite perverted Uncle. (I mean that in the nicest way possible, I love you Uncle Joe!)  Don’t let her sugary sweet accent fool you, this babe is a digital hussie who Community Manages Dallas, Austin and Houston for mega rad social app Loopt, she’s the former Play Editor at THE FEAST (check her sweetness out here!) and best friends with this guy. Yep, keeping it really professional today but this girl can inspire anyone. Pinky!

Melody believes that waking up and doing something “that makes you a happier person” is the secret sauce to career. (Okay Mel, easier said than done!) “If you can’t figure out what you want to do for a living don’t panic. Just test different options and listen to your heart. If you are dreading your alarm, maybe it’s time to vision something else or create a career that hasn’t been invented yet! That’s kind of what I did,” says Melody. “I mean, seriously, I get to socialize, Tweet, meet influencers, analyze social trends and write about fun things to do for a living… I chased that and got it when everyone else said ‘girl, you cray’.”