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New York

Imagine your first crush. Awe. Okay, now imagine trying to impress him/her by enrolling in fashion school, it not working between you and him/her but you then go off to win fashion awards and become a designer for one of NYC’s growing design houses? Boom, you’d feel pretty rad, right?  That’s the short story of NYC based designer, Peter Nguyen.

Needless to say, it didn’t work with the girl that Peter followed to Parson’s School of Design for Fashion but this duder never stopped pressing on. Peter realized pretty quickly that his love for fashion wasn’t a short-lived stint but an actual passion. He left his senior year of school because he had an opportunity to intern with Robert Geller, a mega talented German designer based in NYC. (Robert Geller’s collections are the epitome of “hot dayumn!”) Peter designed for 4 years and won a handful of awards: CFDA, GQ’s Best Menswear Designer Awards, etc…  Whoa, awesome!

Peter also recently launched his cat parody streetwear line CATURDAYS for fun. Why? Well, because it’s hilarious and although he has a very serious side to his design aesthetic and sense of style, he also has a huge sense of humor. Boom! It’s the cat’s meowww.

Peter Nguyen