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Ryan Beshel is the perfect package of hard work, drive and style wrapped up tightly in the perfect bow tie. His celebrated career didn’t come over night, which is exactly why I love this duder. In less than two years Ryan has gone from intern, to assistant to being the Director of Runway at  Agency Galatea. (Yep, homeboy has some of the best looking friends in Chicago. Ladies, bring heels. Gents, bring your manners.) It was no easy feat to accomplish but he did it. How so? Getting his hands dirty, being a loyal & honest employee, starting from the ground up and waking up with passion every single day. Ryan also narrated his entire journey on his blog The Bowtie Memoirs  – Oh, did I mention he doesn’t leave the house without a bowtie? Le swooooon.

Today marks the kick-off to his new position in Public Relations for The 900 Shops where he will help lead the voice for over 70 luxury lifestyle shops on Michigan Ave. Keep your eye out for this mega retail hustler. He’s reaching high and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can hold him back from achieving anything he wants.


…Now about that Friends & Family discount you get at 900 Shops.

Ryan Bowtie