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What has 4 eyes, Effies & Cannes awards and launched the LEO AWARDS? Sebastian Mueller-Soppart – the SVP regional Creative Director at Leo Burnett.  SLAM DUNK.

Sebastian has lead campaigns in Europe, Latin and North America building highly collaborative and motivated environments. He’s had his hands all up in the candy jar of life, “I studied in Paris and didn’t want to go into advertising, but wanted to open a design studio in berlin right after the wall came down,” said Sebastian.  “Then I thought maybe I should work in a professional environment for at least a few months so I know how things work (and to steal some office supplies) and next thing I know, a few months became 20 years. Crazy!”

To satisfy his mega strong entrepreneurial drive, he launched THE LEOS AWARD and is currently leading the development of the world’s first crowd owned and managed nightclub. THE LEOS was designed so promising start-ups, who would benefit from $250K in agency support, could sign up with the hope to win Leo’s brand building services. Woot Woot – WERK!

Visit harass Sebastian here and talk about meeting up for a cup of coffee to pick his brain. He loves sharing ideas and meeting with creatively hungry folks!

Sebastian Mueller-Soppart
Sebastian Mueller-Soppart