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Shani Silver is the mega babe behind Refinery29 Chicago whom all Chicago girls are so thankful for. She keeps us up to date with street style, hair trends, single hunks in the city and Chicago’s raddest movers and shakers. She’s basically every girl’s (or dude’s, we aren’t judging) best friend. She will tell you what dress is so not right for your body, the lipstick looks perfect and what dude is worth flirting with, or even better, which one isn’t.

Shani literally knows what’s up all of the time. She started her career as a freelance writer (think Venus, Daily Candy, NFT Guides), contributed to Radio Free Chicago and was a rockin’ music photographer. Oh,  did I mention she graduated from Law School and passed the Bar Exam like a boss? Shani is the perfect example of following your heart and listening to that inner voice that says “I live for writing – not jurisdiction” and doing something about it.

 Boom. Shani’s wicked awesome. Follow her radness here.

Shani Silver