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Zak Normandin is a baby daddy hustlin’ for a good cause. One day while he was grocery shopping for his daughters he had an epiphany: there were no tasty, organic and ‘no sugar added’ snacks available for babies and toddlers. So what’s an entrepreneurial spirit to do? Duh! He  and his wife created a line of organic fruit snacks and started testing them on their kids (who are his hardest critics) and the rest is history.

Today, his brand Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits is in over 3,000 nationwide and they have two new products lines coming out next month (oatmeal & cereal). It wasn’t always easy, though. “If you really want your own business you have to commit to the idea 100%. ” said Zak.

Although there were struggles launching the product, looking back Zak knows it all came together because he kept the company vision and identify clear. When Zak’s not with his family or working he’s slinging back coffee like a “champ” and listening to techno music (the visual made my Monday a little brighter!).

My advice? It’s simple:  Do your research. Commit to the idea 100%. Hustle Hard. – Zak.

Now Zak, what’s your advice for creating the perfect curls? #HairEnvy


Zak Normandin
Zak Normandin
Zak Normandin